Our medical drink caps are essentially bottle caps that double as a dispenser. Ingredients are mixed immediately prior to use, allowing for a longer shelf life of medicine.

medical drink cap by capss Infusion

Discover the medical bottle cap that doubles as a dispenser.

Medyczne CAPss jest to opatentowana technologia mieszania i dozowania, która zapewnia natychmiastowe mieszanie co najmniej dwóch płynnych leków bezpośrednio przed użyciem.

Technologia ta opiera się na różnicach ciśnień, na skutek tych różnic leki w pojemniku będą wstrzykiwane do płynu w podstawie (np. butelka lub strzykawka).


Your clients problem: oxidation taking place within the bottle

The problem with medicinal and aromatic plants is that their molecules lose their efficiency when they are mixed due to oxidation.

Medical drink caps

Our solution:

„ Medyczne CAPss ” rozwiązuje kwestię jakości i okresu ważności, tylko poprzez uwalnianie leku w momencie spożycia przez pacjenta.

Our medical bottle caps double as a dosing cap; thus improving the shelf life of product, as well as the bio availability and maximum effectiveness of the medicines.

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Your opportunity:
More consistent results

In addition to increasing the shelf life, certain medical products typically require a complicated mixing process by the consumer, which is often time consuming and prone to error. Our medical drink cap eliminates all risk of errors, resulting in more effectiveness of your brand's medicine.

Medical drink caps

Ze względu na wyższą szybkość wchłaniania płynów w organizmie człowieka i korzyści płynące z dozujących nakrętek, ufamy w ich funkcjonalność w butelkach na lekarstwo dla przemysłu farmaceutycznego.

medical drink cap by capss Infusion

A smart cap for a smart age

Our medical drink cap is capable of measuring and controlling dosing of medicines; can remind the patient to take the medicine, and monitor end of life, In this way patients can check their dosage and intake and easily evaluate whether it solves their health problems.

All information is communicated and stored in the cloud. Medical professionals, marketers, pharmacies and other stakeholders will be able to use this database for research purposes, as it provides anonymous, real-time patient feedback and accurate data, product suite and open future medical and business opportunities that enable professionals to make informed decisions based on real-time master-related usage data.

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For any production chain

Our medical drink caps can be integrated in any existing productionline by implementing our Capper. The capper is tailor-made to suit your current production chain.


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