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At CAPss, we are dedicated to revolutionizing the beverage industry by offering a cutting-edge dosing closure solution worldwide. Our CAPss dosing system is designed to tackle the most pressing challenges faced by brand owners, such as maintaining shelf life and quality.

Our solution not only benefits brand owners, it also offers consumers a unique and unparalleled experience. We are passionate about making a difference and look forward to helping our clients achieve their goals.

CAPss nitrogen closures

CAPss is an innovative dosing closure system that guarantees fresh and potent ingredients until the moment of opening. The cap and bottle are both pressurized with nitrogen, ensuring optimal preservation and a controlled release of ingredients into the beverage at the time of opening. With our system, you can trust that your customers will be getting the best possible experience every time they twist open a bottle.


The caps can be fully customized and differ in size and shape so that it fits exactly to the customer’s application. CAPss offers fully customizable caps tailored to fit your specific application. Whether it’s for the beverage, cosmetics, or medical market, we have the perfect size and shape to suit your needs.

How does it work?

CAPss uses a unique pressurization technique in which the cap and bottle are pressurized at different pressures, keeping active ingredients sealed until opening.

Upon opening, pressure release in the bottle allows for the controlled release of fresh liquid ingredients from the cap into the bottle for optimal preservation and product experience.

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Other benefits of CAPss include

  • Automatic mixing for convenience and consistent quality
  • Highly accurate dosing for precise control
  • Hygienic design for safety and cleanliness
  • Instant freshness for a superior product experience
  • Longer shelf life due to optimal preservation
  • A product that becomes an experience for consumers

All of these benefits make CAPss the ideal solution for brand owners looking to enhance the quality and shelf life of their products.

Worldwide patents

CAPss technology and closure are protected by multiple patents worldwide, ensuring that you can trust in the innovation and exclusivity of our product.


We strive for a world without waste and our eco-friendly products align with this ambition. That’s why all our current and future products are made from recycled plastics, leaving minimal CO2 footprint on the planet.

Our focus areas

The possibilities with CAPss are endless, but we specialize in three main areas: beverages, medical, and cosmetics. We tailor our designs and developments to cater to the specific needs of each of these areas, ensuring that your customers can enjoy the benefits of our technology at home and on the go.

Focus area 1: Beverages

Our custom-made CAPss for the RTD cocktail market can hold up to 15ml of fresh liquids, ensuring optimal preservation and controlled release for a superior product experience. Our extensive research in the beverage industry has shown that CAPss can have a major impact on drinks containing sensitive ingredients such as aromas.

Traditional caps can cause these ingredients to evaporate within 1-2 months, but with CAPss, we infuse these ingredients just before consumption, restoring freshness with just a single twist. CAPss are suitable for a wide range of beverages including beers, functional healthy drinks, RTD cocktails, composite drinks, spirits, and more.

Looking to enhance the quality and shelf life of your beverages with CAPss? Contact us today to learn more about how our innovative dosing closure system can benefit your brand!

Focus area 2: Cosmetics

CAPss simplifies the application process for cosmetics, skincare, and fragrances with just one twist, instead of multiple steps. Our innovative dispensing solutions enhance the joy and satisfaction of your customer’s experience with your products.

CAPss is perfect for cosmetic formulas with two components that must be kept separate until use, such as:

  • Vitamin C, for its revitalizing, antioxidant, and illuminating properties for dull and devitalized skin.
  • Whitening active ingredients, highly sought-after for correcting imperfections and spots, and giving the skin uniformity and transparency.
  • Water-free cosmetics, a current and future trend.

Why choose CAPss for cosmetics?
Active ingredients in traditional cosmetics can settle, separate, lose their effectiveness, and expire. Additionally, consumer-applied mixing is often time-consuming, prone to error, and messy. Consumers pay a high price for their products and deserve the best quality and experience. CAPss guarantees freshness and ease of use, giving your customers the best possible experience.

How to use CAPss for cosmetics
Our easy three-step process ensures that your customers can enjoy fresh and potent cosmetics, every time they use them.

  • The cap contains sensitive ingredients.
  • The consumer opens the cap and the ingredients are released into the bottle/base, activating the product.
  • The consumer replaces the cap with a dropper/pipette or push dispenser for easy application on the skin.
Looking to enhance the quality and experience of your cosmetic products with CAPss? Contact us today to learn more about how our innovative dosing closure system can benefit your brand and customers!

Focus area 3: Medical

CAPss offers a simple and reliable solution for drug mixing and dispensing for laypersons. Our focus is on delivering outcomes-oriented drug dispensing devices.

Benefits of CAPss Medical:

  • Increased accuracy and precision – Our dosing cap ensures precise and accurate medication dispensing, reducing the risk of under or over-dosing and potential health complications.
  • Reduced medication errors – Precise dosing minimizes the chance of dosage errors by patients or medical staff, reducing the risk of fatalities associated with medication errors.
  • Improved compliance – Dosing caps promote adherence to prescribed medication, leading to improved health outcomes.
  • Improved hygiene – Our dosing cap’s design prevents contamination, reducing the risk of infection, especially in hospitals and medical facilities.

Choose CAPss for precise, hygienic, and compliant drug dispensing.

Do you want to enhance the accuracy, compliance, and hygiene of your medical products with CAPss? Contact us today to learn more about how our innovative dosing closure system can benefit your patients and practice.

Offering a Collaborative and Comprehensive Approach

We believe that a successful product development journey is one where we partner with our clients every step of the way. From the early stages to commercialization, we are dedicated to providing a customized experience that aligns with your specific needs. There are various options for integrating CAPss into your product portfolio, so let’s connect to determine the best approach for you.


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