What is an infusion cap?

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What is an infusion cap?

An infusion cap uses innovative techniques to mix substances in the cap with the liquid in the bottle. The result: a simple and simple solution with high effectiveness.

Powerful thanks to the differential pressure

An infusion cap is innovative because materials are processed in the cap under pressure. This creates a pressure difference, so that substances remain separated from each other even during movement and transport.

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Fast and simple mixing

As soon as the cap is opened, the pressure difference disappears and the substances in the cap mix with the liquids in the bottle. Our dispensing caps for liquid containers can be used by anyone. Fast, simple and without thinking.

Interesting for whom?

Infusion caps are interesting for consumer products where the experience is (almost) as important as the taste and functionality.

Benefits of the infusion cap

An infusion cap has many perks.

  1. Pricing: the additional expenditure is far less than the added value
  2. It turns a beverage into an experience
  3. It has a definitive ‘wow-‘factor’.

Our dosing caps can be implemented in any production-line by implementing our capper. Learn all about the rewards and costs of our infusion cap.

An unprecedented luxurious look for both soft drinks and distilled drinks.

Adds the “wow factor” to every moment of consumption.

The product range of mixed drinks can be expanded almost without limit.

An infusion cap is simple and straightforward

Simple and straightforward: that is what an infusion cap is. An infusion cap is foolproof. Anyone who can twist a bottle cap can deal with it. So, no training or exercise, but a product that everyone can use.

So, without training or exercise, our customized bottle cap is a product that everyone can use.

The consumer as the bartender

Modern on-trade visitors are demanding increasingly higher standards. After all, a visit to a pub, event or hotel is not just a trip, it is an experience. Bartenders respond well to this by combining luxurious mixed drinks with show and spectacle.

And with infusion caps, the consumer himself becomes the bartender.

Mixed drinks are mixed on the spot by the customer himself, combining taste with spectacle. A premium experience, intended for consumers who would like to pay extra for more experience.

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