What do infusion caps cost?

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Infusion caps add value to the experience of your brand. A plain drink turns into a premium experience, where your brand can count on even more appreciation from the consumer.

This extra consumer appreciation produces a financially attractive picture. The increase in the perceived value of a drink with an infusion cap is many times greater than the extra costs, allowing a higher yield.

Infusion cap costs decreases when scale increases

How much a dispenser cap costs depends on the scale to which the caps are applied. The caps are placed on the bottle as we implement our unique capper in your production line. The one-off costs are independent of the volume, whereby large-scale production can have a positive effect on the costs per unit.

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Receive a quote, tailor-made for your production line

Our capper is fine-tuned according to the wishes of the manufacturer. Specific requirements and wishes can be incorporated into the design. The complexity of these wishes will determine the cost of the infusion cap. For this reason, we ask for sample material of the liquids for testing purposes during the quotation process. Based on these tests, we can provide you with a realistic quote for our dosing caps.

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The final cost per unit depends on several factors, such as the volume and the number of adjustments required in the production process. The cost indication is therefore tailor-made, which is also the reason that we do not list prices on our website.


Ask Casper for a quote

Would you like to receive an indication of the costs for dosing caps? Of course we are happy to provide one. Please contact Casper Koppelle. Casper will provide an initial indication of the costs on the basis of several questions. Is this cost estimation to your liking? Then we will gladly prepare an accurate quote for you.

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